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Guess Your Personality with the Music Genre You Are Listening To

Could the playlists lurking on your smartphone reveal information about your personality?
Many types of research have been implemented on a different student of the university in American. Those researchers found that people could make any accurate judgment about an individual's levels of creativity, extraversion and open-mindedness after listening to ten of their favorite songs. After download ding many types of music through YouTube to MP3 Converter, they had interviewed about 100 students all over the American.

Pop Music
The question for you is Do you like listening to the top 40 hits? Do the latest tracks from Selena Gomez, Rhianna and Flo Rida make up your workout mix? If so, the chances are that you are tending, to be honest, extroverted and conventional. While pop music lovers are hard-working and have high self-esteem, researchers show that they are tending to be less creative and more uneasy.
Rap and Hip/Hop Music
Are Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre affecting your style? In spite of the stereotype that rap lovers are more aggressive or violent, researchers have found no such connection. Rap fans are tending to have high self-esteem and are usually outgoing.
Country Music
Do you like watching CMT instead of MTV?
Country music fans are normally hardworking, outgoing and conventional. While country songs are often concentrated on heartbreak, people who gravitate towards this genre tend to be very emotionally stable.
Rock / Heavy Metal Music
Despite the sometimes aggressive image that rock music and heavy metal project bring to the youngers, researchers found that fans of this style of music were quite gentle. They are tending to be creative, but are introverted and may suffer from low self-esteem.
Indie Music
Do you love seeking out obscure bands and indie artists? Fans of this type of music are typically intellectual, introverted and creative. According to researchers, they are also tending to be less gentle and less hard-working. Passivity, anxiousness, and low self-esteem are other common personality characteristics.
Dance Music
Do you love the fast-paced rhythms of dance music? According to researchers, people who prefer dance music are usually outgoing and assertive.
Classical Music
Classical music lovers are typically more introverted but are also at ease with themselves and the world around them. They are creative and have a good sense of self-esteem.
Jazz, Blues and Soul Music
People who love jazz, blues or soul music are found to be more extroverted with high self-esteem. They also tend to be very creative, intelligent and at ease.
According to researcher Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, the reason why people sometimes feel defensive about their taste in music might be related to how much it relates to attitudes and personality.

"People do define themselves through music and relate to other people through it, but we haven’t known in detail how music is connected to identity," he explained.

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Guitar Roles in Each Music Genre

Each music genre offers specific instrument which made it different and stunning. Music is non-stop creation with various changes with perfect combination, whereas Guitar is an instrument that used in lots of music genres such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, and more. There is no hard rule for playing guitar. Be different and Be stunning. It's clearly the numbers of artists get their fame by being different in a good way. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments, which is the best selection to mix for creating great music genre. Typically, this instrument is mainly played in Country, Rock, or Jazz. It's time to see how creative guitar effect can make for each music genre.
Guitar is always an awesome instrument

Listening to the smooth and clean tone and think about the hug field with green fields are fantastic things Country music can bring back for you. Guitar seems to be the indispensable instrument you can see in this music genre. The famous name in this genre is Johnny Cash's band; music lover gets a strong impression with the electric they always played in each song.
Jazz is closed relative of this genre with the smooth and clean sounds and tones which associate with Nashville.
Though the stunning feature of Jazz is using saxophone; however, guitar effect also creates new wind for this type. As a relative of Country, Jazz listeners and players can feel pleasant with the light sound this genre has just created. However, Jazz guitarists often like a smoother and cleaner sound. Compression is more of a filter than an effect, but it certainly influences your tone. By squashing the highs and lows, a compressor gives you an even tone that allows each not to flow very smoothly.
Listeners can find the blue rhythm in this genre as its name. Guitar players feel easier following the simple trend. The remarkable of this genre is overdrive and the Boss Blues Driver. Guitar World wrote a nice piece on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s preferred equipment, which revealed that SRV was a fan of the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9.
Last but not least, Rock is one of the most difficult genres because rock need to a combination of the various instrument. Distortion and overdrive are probably the most notable effects because it’s a tone we usually associate with rock music. But there’s a huge range here, from light overdrive to heavy metal type distortion. You’re also going to find delay, reverb, phaser/flanger, chorus, compression, and more unusual effects. And about the guitar effect this genre has just created, you should mention to electric guitar, which is one of indispensable sound in a rock show.
What is a good effect guitar has just given following with Metal instruments? This music genre impresses listeners with a hundred watts of pure harmonic distortion, so pedals have found a way to fill the sonic void. The Boss Metal Zone is must-mentioned name in this music genre which gains high distortion that won’t burst your eardrums.

With these genres, we feel how great Guitar effect has contributed in. and how to contribute, which depending on the way artists play each music genre. For each video we have just mentioned to, you absolutely can listen to on offline watching. Music listeners download these videos with fantastic sounds of the perfect combination between guitar effects other instruments by this awesome YouTube to MP3 downloader and converter. By this way, you can save much time to enjoy your playlist without any distracting.

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Five Tips to Enhance Your Music - Listening Quality

Playing a major role in entertainment term, Music creates everyone relaxing time, releasing stress, and doing exercise. Whether you are listening to music following the right way or not? This article shows you five tips to get the best music-listening experience.

1. Clean Up Your Music Library
You should not let your music library like a messy. If not, you will get uncomfortable when you are the need of listening to your favorite songs that you cannot find easily. As a result, you will listen them in unhappy feeling because you lose much time before. We recommend that you should clean and organize smartly your Music library for comfortable feeling.
2. Utilize a Streaming Music Service
There is a steep rise of portable devices, which allow Internet users store MP3 songs. Nonetheless, we suggest you to use online streaming music service that diversifies your MP3 world such as Spotify, Pandora, and Soundcloud. By this way, you can discover the songs that you have never listen to and then love them. And you love to store them to MP3 device, you can use SoundCloud downloader or YouTube to MP3 converter to download and convert into MP3 format. Thanks to that you broaden your knowledge about music with more music genres, news, and styles.
3. Store your favorite songs in your computer
I cannot listen to my favorite songs because I'm offline. It's ironic; you never let this case happen. You should store the music collection in your computer. This method supports you listen to music at any circumstance. Its worth with time you spend to store for a constant access even in an offline case.
4. Make Some Truly Smart Playlists
Creating a smart playlist is an awesome method to get the best listening experience. In this term, you can use iTunes or other music players to set up your list, or get an available list such as "Top song of the week" or "Best of the year".
5. Choose the appropriate Bit Rate for Your Music
When listening to music, you normally take two bitrate options, 128kbps MP3, and 320kbps MP3, or sometimes 720 kbps. You can get these options directly on streming music device or at the MP3 conversion tool. When you finish converting YouTube to MP3, you will get multiple selections of bitrate. Facts have shown that 192kbps is an average bitrate which deserves listener the best sound. Choosing a right bitrate with your songs plays a major role in the quality sound.

Last but not least, you need to choose a good headphone or speaker, turn on your favorite song with the right bitrate option and enjoy it now. When you know the right way to enjoy music, you can get a surprise how better quality if you get a smart music-listening experience.

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5 Secrets You Need to Know About This Cool MP3 Converter

From the first launching, has achieved lots of successes and be more popular with Internet users. We get a strong impression with this MP3 converter which is well-known by the fast and simple conversion tool. Nonetheless, there are lots of hidden factors users don’t know about this cool YouTube to MP3 converter. This article shows you what you can be deserved when using
Not only converting, but it's also a cool video downloader
Besides converting function, is a cool video downloader. This factor gives users a convenient way to download and convert. When they are in need of converting video to MP3 file, instead of downloading and uploading your saved file, the URL of vide is everything we need. By this way, you can combine two steps in one click and nothing is simpler than that. Furthermore, you will get a surprise with time-consuming for downloading which takes you a few seconds.

Numbers of Substantial supported platforms
It's not easy to find an MP3 converter that offers as many platforms as Most of the MP3 converters helps users some of the substantial platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vimeo, and Vine. There is an explosion of how many platforms Linktomp3 is supporting. This MP3 converter gives a surprising figure with more than 200 platforms. It seems to unbelievable things an MP3 conversion tool can do, and this converter is a good answer for what the real MP3 converter can do.
Offering more than 180 languages
Another miracle thing this MP3 converter has just created is offering a surprising number of languages in Global; is applied for more than 180 languages. This factor explains that how popular this MP3 converter can be. Our developers worked hard to give Internet users in Global the best experience on What a pity if they miss a piece of life as this MP3 conversion tool.
Supporting a friendly mobile design
Internet users can find another remarkable factor of this tool in mobile design. How sophisticated its design is! Users can feel pleasant with what they have been deserved. It's time to try the mobile design of which is simple but sophisticated. Our team is putting in the user position, researching, and designing a friendly mobile that serves users the best experience.
Supporting ringtone maker directly gives one, two and more hidden factors which express the non-stop creation of this web tool. Last but not least, this web tool shows users it’s the multi-functions by offering ringtone maker. This factor seldom appears in an MP3 converter instead of that; you need to open another page to finish your action. As mentioned above, the interface of is mainly designed to serve mobile users best. That's the reason why this MP3 converter offers online ringtone maker which meet the immediate requirement of mobile users.

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Top 10 Best Songs Rock You Up in Dancing Party

When we have party, we love to turn on hot dance playlists for outburst night. In terms of dance music, EDM -Electric Dance Music is the most popular type which gives enjoyers a strong impression which is modern, attractive and creative with the youth soul. Moreover, EDM is considered as the youth which is the best time in our life.  It’s the time you lighten your soul up with all energy. Whenever you feel the life is bored, listening to EDM and move your body, move your brain, and all is well. 

The best dance songs below suit for whatever you need to dance. Listen to these songs and just dance.
  1. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
  2. Low - Flo Rida
  3. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  4. Just Dance - Lady Gaga
  5. Crazy In Love - Beyonce
  6. Temperature - Sean Paul
  7. Objection - Shakira
  8. HAPPY- Pharrell Williams
  9. Dancing Queen - ABBA
  10. Yeah! - Usher
To be frank, I'm not a specialist about music; in a natural way, I love to listen to and shake my body following the dance songs. In particular, I'm keen on Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that brings for me great time in crazy melody. If you are not a professional dancer, you should need some basic dance to move with the music which drives you "crazy". And now your party can be greater than ever. What are you waiting for, turn on this list and move your body.
Beside the noisy party, you can dance in wherever you go with keeping our list of these songs with a Bluetooth speaker and certainly with your crazy friends. We mean you should store them in MP3 format which are compatible with most of portable devices as iPhone or iPod. As soon as you find any song you love on YouTube in anywhere of the world, you completely convert the song from YouTube to MP3 file with the website And now, there is no obstacle for you to enjoy your crazy tune. These songs will wake you up and lighten your feeling high.

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Top 10 Songs Relief Your Stress

Numbers of people, who have encountered with lots of problems in their life, tend to increase dramatically. All of them wish to release their stress quickly and reboot the energy for the next working day. Some people choose blaming to decrease stress, playing games, or listening music. In these three methods, Music is always the simplest and most effective way for stressed people. Music relief the sadness and troubles in the life simply and effectively. Many researches show that Music with positive melody encourages people feel better. This article recommends you top 10 best songs for relaxing and relief your stressful feeling

  1. Happy - Pharrell Williams
  2. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  3. Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
  5. Train - Hey, Soul Sister
  6. Beyoncé - 'Crazy In Love'
  7. Nelly - 'Ride With Me'
  8. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  9. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
  10. With A Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles (Or Joe Cocker)
There is no doubt that Music absolutely changes the feeling of listeners. When you're in a stuff of bad things, listening cheery songs puts you in the better mood. In such case, you listen to music, the body moves, you wish to sing out loud, and your stress can be released. However, some others choose the relaxing song instead of cheery songs with slow melody which keep them calm and relax. You can find this type in most of yoga centers with smooth action. People love to listening music wherever they go and whenever they are in stress. You should keep an iPod with these ten songs in MP3 files by your side, and there is an effective way to escape stress in the life.

According to many researches, people can release their stress more effectively by listening to Music in car stereo, the radio when they are in the bath or shower, or taking portable music with you when walking instead of the TV. Furthermore, singing out loud is absolutely good in releasing stress. That’s the reason why we recommend you these ten songs which you can search and convert easily from YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3 file conveniently with Linktomp3. com. We wish you will own your peaceful time with our list of relief stress songs.